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Steel Vent 
Performance Ducting

Turnstone Industrial Solutions now offers low-cost and competitive spiral steel tubing solutions for tunneling and mining ventilation applications. Our portable on-site production deck is capable of manufacturing large diameter and volume-based spiral steel tubing that saves you time, money, labor, and significant freight, handling, and transportation costs.

We understand that shipping large, heavy, and hollow diameter steel tubing across the country is expensive. That is why we set ourselves apart from the competition by producing the tubes your project needs on or near your project or installation site. We arrive with all the required equipment and raw materials to produce only the products you need, passing the savings on to you.

Steel Vent Features:

  • Diameters: 6” through to 72” (15mm to 1830mm)

  • Lengths: Various - up to 30ft runs

  • Galvanized, Mild Steel, Cold Rolled

  • Thickness: 24ga through to 16ga

  • Typical Connections: Flanged c/w V-Locks or Bolted

  • Specifications to SMACNA standards

Steel Vent Benefits:

  • Remote on-site assembly of steel spiral tubing

  • Significantly reduce freight, handling, and transportation costs

  • Reduce labor time to install by synchronizing tube production

  • Improved project efficiency and organization Turn-key provider


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As a turn-key provider, Turnstone Industrial Solutions also offers engineering, design, and flow-modeling services to optimize for airflow, best-cost, and air efficiency. We offer installation services and supply various accessory branch fittings required to complete your ventilation project.

Whether for tunneling, mining, or above-ground commercial and industrial projects, contact us for more information and quotations.

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