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Turnstone Industrial Solutions, LLC., is a U.S.A. manufacturer of world class ventilation tubing systems, vertically integrated, with a goal to ensure customer satisfaction through timely delivery of durable and reliable equipment that ensure a safe and efficient working environment in the harshest conditions. 

Turnstone provides ventilation equipment, specifically to mining, tunneling, and industrial temperature control markets, that promote industry leading safety and efficiency. The systems include negative and positive pressure flexible and semi-rigid offerings, with worldwide approvals, to ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications. 


Turnstone drives safety through product innovation and development. Our team continuously strives to meet, and exceed, customer expectations by:

  • Ensuring product quality is consistently monitored and maintained throughout manufacturing.

Developing products that are built to ensure the safest work environment, including a specific focus on noise emission reduction, environmentally friendly base materials, safe to handle construction techniques, and efficient air delivery with low-leakage coupling systems and reliable materials designed specifically for the target application.


  • Providing upfront evaluation, completed by our highly trained and experienced personnel.


  • Tracking customer satisfaction and feedback to ensure successful implementation and continuous improvement is driven from both engineering and end-users.


  • Maintaining a high level of commitment by our personnel and management to ensure a consistent level of ethics and integrity.

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